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One of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry is the Leading Luxury Hotel 2022 Award, given out by the World Travel Awards. The award is given to luxury hotels that have a commitment to excellence and service, as well as an exemplary level of quality. We are proud to announce that we are the Marketing agency for Jumeirah Port Soller, winner of the Leading Luxury Hotel Award 2022

Social Media Strategy

We've created a social media strategy for Jumeirah Port Soller during 2022 and continuing now in 2023, that helped them to connect with their customers in an authentic way, which is important for any luxury brand. We made all the content (photography and video), managed their social media (including copywriting) and created the advertisement. Our goal was to show off this amazing location in as many different ways as possible—from breathtaking views of the sea to stunning architecture—and make sure they have something eye-catching to post every day on Instagram.

We know that luxury brands need more than just beautiful imagery—they also want a way to show off their brand personality, highlight their products and services, and inspire their customers. In order for us to achieve this goal we needed a very tight collaboration with our client; because it wasn’t just about creating content that looked good on social media platforms but also about understanding how each platform works so we can take advantage of its unique features.